How to hide the RealVNC Icon in Tray Icon

RealVNC No Tray Icon

RealVNC has become popular not only for its appealing user interface, but also because of its faultless, swift and fast connection between the host and the client. There are notable contenders boasting the same powerful features and some of such software are UltraVNC, TightVNC, TridiaVNC, just to name a few. However, in my humble opinion, RealVNC seems to be most popular. I am still perplexed and confused how people tend to think that paid software is best. RealVNC is not free (at least, the Enterprise version), while the other software stated above are.

I would appreciate if you could post, as a comment below, why you prefer RealVNC to other free software.

I remained loyal to RealVNC because it was the first Virtual Network Computing tool I tried. I got so used to its interface that using another brand would be like starting to left-hand drive when you are used to right-hand driving. Nevertheless, the major reason unlies the interface. RealVNC has basic and advanced interfaces which greatly boost your speed at handling commands. Meddle with the software a little, and you will realise how swift you can be at switching into view mode (no inputs) to ‘admin mode’ (with full inputs).

Now, coming to the crux of this article, how do you hide the tray icon. I understand that all the people viewing this piece of text use RealVNC to monitor other people. Lets be realist. If it were for you own purpose, a tray icon would not bother you at all, just like the time and the audio icon do not.

RealVNC 3 has a parameter, from the registry, that could hide its trayicon. This feature was discontinued in RealVNC 4 because the developers realised that people purchased (?) their software for ulterior motives other than remote support. I personally consider RealVNC the most stable vnc tool, which can be easily deployed, twisted and modified to be stealth, except for one stumble block – the mouse flickering.

This is a nuisance – and the RealVNC developers say that they introduced the mouse flickering to notify people that their computers were being monitored. I haven’t yet delved into that problem, but I believe there is a way to prevent the mouse from flickering by changing some offset bytes in the binary file. Definitely, there are many ways and I would leave that hack for the diligent people who have a lot of time to reverse engineer this software. I could,  but I don’t have much time to do all this.

I have provided a modified RealVNC Enterprise 4.4.2 server executable that you will need to overwrite in your RealVNC setup folder.

The archive contains the winvnc4.exe server file and the standalone realvnc viewer, which is useful to carry around without having to perform a setup.

Shut down RealVNC completely by right-clicking on the trayicon and choosing Stop server. Then ensure winvnc4.exe is not running from the task manager (alt-ctrl-delete).

Step 2:
Overwrite the original executable with mine.

Issue start>run> services.msc
This will load all the services running on your computer. Scroll down to ‘VNC Server Version 4′. Right-Click>Properties>Startup Type:Automatic > Service Status:Started.

You should be done right now. Restart your computer and RealVNC will run in stealth mode – except for the mouse flickering. I use the old realVNC 3 just because of this problem. I have hacked the core completely and made the version 3 totally stealth, and use the viewer from version RealVNC 4, which is standalone.


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